Select the right fastener inserts for your any type of machining operation or any other requirements based on your specification. The range of Inserts include threaded Inserts, knurling inserts, turning inserts, unthreaded inserts, drilling inserts, milling inserts, metal inserts, brass inserts, aluminium inserts, stainless steel inserts, mild steel inserts, molded-in inserts, pressed-in inserts, wood inserts and more. The manufactured range of Inserts can make all difference in manufacturing and productivity as well regardless of inserts’ size, material, design, capabilities, threads and more. The range of inserts are manufactured from industrial grade and norms materials including MS, SS, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Steel Alloy or many.

Whether your industrial application require to be hand assembled inserts or machine installation for inserts, we provide ideal solution to your any kind of applications. We provide mass production or bulk manufacturing for Inserts. The range of Inserts are widely exported in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and many other European Countries.

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Inserts Specification
DIN 7965 Slotted Inserts
  • DIN 7965 Slotted Inserts are also known as Screwed Inserts.
  • DIN 7965 Inserts are heat & corrosion resistance.
  • Widely used for wood and plastic applications.
DIN 8140 Threaded Inserts
  • DIN 8140 Threaded Inserts, also known as Wire Thread Inserts.
  • DIN 8140 Inserts are helically wounded inserts.
  • Used in repairing work, as replacement.
Threaded Inserts
  • Designed to be placed into existing holes to provide a threaded receptacle.
  • Used to repair damaged threads or to strengthen existing threads.
  • Available in ISO metric threads, BA threads, DIN standard, GB threads.
Knurling Inserts
  • Knurling inserts in various shapes as straight, round, diamond, square, hex, flat.
  • Used for plastic moulding, wood and composites.
  • Available in ISO metric threads, BA threads, DIN standard, GB threads.
Turning Inserts
  • Turning Tools are used to do finish cutting.
  • Manufacturing CNC Turning Inserts and Carbide Turning Inserts and more.
  • Also known as a cutting tool, Tipped tool or cutter.
Self Tapping Inserts
  • Self Tapping Inserts are threaded inserts with fine external threads and cutting slot/bores.
  • Used for aluminium & other non-ferrous metal.
  • Provides permanent threads in various materials.
Threaded Inserts for Wood
  • Inserts with outer coarse or hooked threads.
  • Increase the holding power of inserts in hard and soft wood materials.
  • Threaded Inserts are easy to install in wood material.
Moulding Inserts
  • Manufacturing Pipe Moulding Inserts, Plastic Moulding Inserts & Hexagonal Moulding Inserts.
  • Provide better adhesion to the plastic due to threaded surface.
  • Used for Aerospace, Medical, Automobile Applications.
Following are the

specification for Inserts

  • Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Electrolytic Copper Alloys, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Titanium or any other Metal.
  • B.S.W., B.S.F., B.S.B., B.S.P. & B.S.P.T as per British Standard Whitworth Form
  • N.C. & U.N.C., N.F. & U.N.F., N.P.T & N.P.S., N.S., N.E.F. etc. as per American National Form Threads
  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • BA Threads
  • DIN Standard
  • GB Threads
Finish and Coating:
  • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Natural Brass, Electro-Tin, Chrome, Zinc or any coating as per customer requirements.
Key Features:
  • Made of Lightweight Construction Material.
  • Inserts are available with or without locking torque.
  • With Increased Pull Out Strength.
  • For Quick and Easy Installation and Mounting.
  • Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant.
  • Provide high mechanical strength.
  • Inserts are available in both metric or imperial size.
  • Widely used for Installation and Fastening Applications.
  • Designed to provide load bearing threads.
  • Widely applicable in high torque applications as well.
  • Inserts are used in various general and industrial applications.
  • The inserts are great tool to extend the life of hole with metal threading point.
  • The bolt can be installed or removed many times without holding the strength.
  • The inserts require some type of specific driver to install them.
  • Drill The hole.
  • Screw the bolt into Inserts & Get the Insert Started.
Any Type of Inserts can be manufactured exactly as per customers’ specifications and export to France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, UK, Italy, Austria and other European Countries. For more Information, Please Inquiry Now.