Battery Terminal Connectors

Being a leading firm in manufacturing industry, we are manufacturing a high quality and standard range of Battery Terminal Connectors. The range of Battery Terminal Connectors include Copper Battery Terminal Connectors, Brass Battery Terminal Connectors, Aluminium Battery Terminal Connectors, Forged Battery Terminal Connectors, Machine Made Battery Terminals, Auto Battery Terminal Connectors, Standard Battery Terminals and many more. With the many years of experience, we offer world-class array of Battery Terminal Connectors which are easy to install and provide precise performance.

Battery Terminal Connectors are available with compatibility of nature and in various technical configurations. Battery Terminal Connectors are also available in different size, plating, material, type and other configuration based on custom specification and requirements.

Battery Terminal Connectors
Following are the

specification for Battery Terminal Connectors

  • Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Electrolytic Copper Alloys, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Titanium or any other Metal.
  • B.S.W., B.S.F., B.S.B., B.S.P. & B.S.P.T as per British Standard Whitworth Form
  • N.C. & U.N.C., N.F. & U.N.F., N.P.T & N.P.S., N.S., N.E.F. etc. as per American National Form Threads
  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • BA Threads
  • DIN Standard
  • GB Threads
Finish and Coating:
  • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Natural Brass, Electro-Tin, Chrome, Zinc or any coating as per customer requirements.
Key Features:
  • Easy to Install and Use, Increased Electrical Conductivity, Corrosion Resistant
  • Widely used in Automotive or Automobile Industries.
  • Battery terminals are the main electrical contact between your battery cable and battery source.
  • Remove the battery clamp posts from the vehicle battery terminals.
  • Install a post and nut on each of the battery terminals, and tighten the nut securely.
  • Place a washer onto the extended end of each battery clamp bolt.
  • Slide the positive fuse link terminal ring from the battery cable onto the positive battery clamp bolt.
  • Place another washer onto the battery clamp bolt.
  • Thread another nut onto the battery clamp bolt, and tighten the nut.
  • Connecting the wire to the negative battery terminal.
Any Type of Battery Terminal Connectors can be manufactured exactly as per customers’ specifications and export to Finland, Jersey, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Austria and other European Countries. For more Information, Please Inquiry Now.